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Project Description
Suite of tools for community events to manage (handle) events:

Core Features:
1.) Accept RSVPs/Cancellations
2.) Event Logistics Management
3.) Notifications/Reminders
4.) Searching
5.) Discussion Thread
6.) Collect Funds/Issue Confirmation

This project was conceived by a bunch of people dedicated to the enhancement of software development as their craft. This is version 1 of the Meet and Code Series. The goal of this project is to encourage agile practices while developing toward a single goal. The following philosophies are focused on throughout the duration of this project:
  • Agile
  • TDD

The development of this project will be executed in quick sprints over weekends with several people working physically together. Without a customer, there's not pressure to get the project finished. Instead, the contributors are free to focus on developing and enhancing their skills. shortcuts are prohibited.

Standard Tools
ASP.Net MVC Framework:

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